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Frequently asked questions:

What age are the patients you see?

I am happy to see patients up to around school age. My patients are usually aged from around 4 months to 6 years old.

Do I need a referral to see you?

I am a GP therefore you don't need a referral to see me. Just ring up our friendly reception staff and make an appointment on 07 3161 0377. If your regular medical provider would like you to come and see me, a referral letter from them is appreciated but not essential.


I don't want to leave my baby to "cry it out". Are there any other options available that can help me and my child get more sleep?

I frequently see parents who don't want to leave their child to "cry it out" or have tried these types of strategies and have found that they did not work. The good news is that there are other methods available where you can slowly change your child's sleep and settling routine to encourage them to be able to fall asleep more independently without leaving them alone.


Do you prescribe medications to help children sleep?

I do not prescribe medications to help with sleep in children. If you think your child may need medication to help with their sleep then seeing your child's paediatrician or regular GP first to discuss this is advisable.

What if I think a medical issue is impacting on my child's sleep?

If you think a medical issue is impacting on your child's sleep please see your regular GP or paediatrician to address this. Dr Shirley focuses on routine and settling strategies to help improve your child's sleep and will ask you to see your regular GP for ongoing medical concerns and follow up.

Do you offer an overnight service?

No, this is NOT an overnight service. There are residential sleep centres in Brisbane such as The Brisbane Early Parenting Centre (formerly The Nurture Centre) at North West Private Hospital (private service) and the Ellen Barron Family Centre at The Prince Charles Hospital in Chermside (public service). Referrals to The Brisbane Early Parenting Centre are best made through your regular GP. Access the Ellen Barron Family Centre is generally via referral from your local Child Health Nurse or regular GP.

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